Senior Partner, Attorney at Law

Sergey Slagoda

Specializes in litigation, corporate law, bankruptcy, international projects.
Sergey Slagoda manages S&K Vertical and is an expert in private international law, international commercial arbitration, commercial, corporate and banking law, mediation, organization and support of litigation in various jurisdictions, provides legal support for corporate conflicts with foreign element. Sergey is the member of the board of the Russia-China Law Society.
Sergey Slagoda’s projects are included in the international ratings (Chambers, Legal 500, IFLR1000). Russian ratings ( and Kommersant) for many years praised highly Sergey Slagoda’s projects in the “Financial and Banking Law”, “Commercial Disputes Solution”, ”International Commercial Arbitration” category.
On numerous occasions, Sergey Slagoda has been recognized as a leading Russian lawyer in the “Commercial Disputes” category according to the Kommersant survey.
In 2021, Sergey Slagoda entered the TOP-250 senior executives rating arranged by the Publishing House Kommersant and Association of Managers of Russia.
Sergey Slagoda graduated from the Law School of the St. Petersburg State University in 1998; he has the diploma of professional mediator of the Department of Philosophy of the St. Petersburg State University, 2012; Master of European and International Business Law, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, 2013.
Sergey Slagoda’s projects are included in the international (Chambers, Legal 500, IFLR1000) and Russian (, Kommersant) ratings.

Project experience

  • Complex support for the client in the Russia’s central corporate conflict of the year 2020. S&K Vertical managed to ensure a maximum winning position in courts for more than 20 disputes, which led to settlement of controversies and signing of amicable agreements regarding mineral raw commodities worth USD 157 mln;
  • Represented the interests of an investor in a debt restructuring transaction of a company whose bankruptcy was one of the three largest by the amount of creditor claims in Russia (debt amount exceeds USD 590 mln). Full legal support for the debt restructuring transaction, drafting and preparation of documents, advising the client on all matters which arose in the course of the bankruptcy proceedings;
  • S&K Vertical represent the interests of a group of companies operating in a wide range of branches (such as mining industry, hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy) in a dispute with the largest Russian bank in litigations in the Russian Federation, advise on and coordinate processes in foreign jurisdictions (in London (LCIA), Armenia and Cyprus courts). Total amount of claims exceeded USD 380 mln;
  • represented the interests of the beneficiary of a large banking holding in a corporate conflict, which included disputes in Russian courts and in foreign jurisdictions and which resulted in the Russian Supreme Court’s precedent-setting judgment on the rights of beneficiaries (Aspect-Finance case);
  • created a defense and representation strategy for the owner of a large IT-holding in a dispute with the heirs of the former owner of the business. A complex work to defend the ongoing business of the client from hostile takeover. The amount of protected assets exceeded USD 70 mln;
  • represented the interests of the World’s largest export-import Asian agencies in corporate debt recovery, represented the interests in arbitration courts on bankruptcy issues, the amount of claims exceeded USD 100 million;
  • represented the interests of a major Russian telecom retailer in a dispute with Russia’s largest mobile operator worth more than RUB 70 billion;
  • handled the procedure of replacement of assets in the interests of one of the largest developers of Russia by contributing the property of the bankrupt debtor into the authorized capital of the newly created joint-stock company, the project’s value is USD 35 million;
  • represented the interests of an Asian listed company in an investment dispute with the state bodies of a Central Asian Republic;
  • the case included appeals of tax claims which served as a sham for the expropriation of the Client’s raw material extraction business worth more than USD 50 million. The dispute included consideration of the case in the Supreme Economic Court and the Constitutional Court of the Central Asian Republic;
  • provided legal support for a major corporate conflict involving Russian and foreign companies with the claim amount exceeding USD 100 million;
  • represented the interests of the shareholders of a large oil producing holding in a dispute with banking structures, including matters of organization of legal proceedings in foreign jurisdictions and relations with foreign banks;
  • represented the interests of the largest bank of Central and Eastern Europe in the collection and settlement of a corporate debt exceeding USD 200 million;
  • Sergey supervises S&K Vertical’s work with the Asian and Middle East countries, including China, UAE, Korea, Singapore. Sergey is the author of numerous articles and materials in the mass media on Russian-Chinese business relations and legal aspects of working with Asian partners, and the participant of leading economic and legal forums.
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