Head of Projects, Attorney at Law

Natalia Kasatkina

Specializes in corporate law, litigation, bankruptcy

Natalia Kasatkina engages in corporate, litigation and bankruptcy projects. She has significant experience in legal support of large companies in complex corporate disputes and disputes related to subsidiary liability.

Natalia Kasatkina graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Moscow State University named after O. Ye. Kutafin.
Natalia Kasatkina's projects in the category of Arbitration Procedure have been recognized by the international (Legal500, IFLR1000) and Russian (, Kommersant) ratings.

Project experience:

Developing a defense strategy and representing the interests of a top manager of a major Russian bank in a dispute about bringing to subsidiary liability in the amount exceeding 2 billion rubles.

Comprehensive legal support in a corporate conflict in the leading car holding company in the North-Western Region of Russia, including disputes in the management bodies and appeals against transactions involving key assets of the holding company in the arbitration court.
Developing a strategy to protect and represent the interests of the owner of a large IT holding in a dispute with the heirs of the former asset's owner. Comprehensive work to protect the client's existing business from hostile takeover. The amount of protected assets exceeded $70 million.
Comprehensive legal support during the central corporate conflict of 2020 in Russia. The attorneys of this law firm managed to secure the most advantageous position in courts in more than 20 disputes, which led to a settlement in respect of mineral assets worth 19 billion rubles.
Comprehensive support of a transaction of buyback of shares in a joint Russian-Italian enterprise, the largest manufacturer of porcelain stoneware, building mixtures, and materials in Russia.
Comprehensive protection of the client's interests in a corporate conflict in the Russia's largest insurance company.
Representing the client partnering in an IT project in a court dispute with a foreign element over the restoration of corporate control. The lawyers of this law firm managed to achieve the most advantageous position in court, which led to the settlement of differences and the signing of settlement agreements.
Comprehensive legal support for the party to a corporate conflict in a group of companies in a deadlock situation in a dispute over assets worth more than 200 million rubles.
Structuring and facilitating the conclusion of an investment contract for the construction of a residential complex in Moscow in the amount exceeding 600 million rubles.
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