Partner of the Private Clients Practice, Attorney at Law

Yulia Andreyeva

Specializes in advice to private clients, litigation, international projects, tax law.
Yulia Andreyeva is the partner of the S&K Vertical’s private clients practice in Moscow, specializes in family and inheritance matters, as well as tax and currency regulation. Yulia’s professional focus is on complex family and tax disputes, in particular, taxation of individuals (including in foreign jurisdictions), estate planning In addition to working with private clients, Yulia has significant experience in representing the interests of international corporations in complex litigation, including those outside the Russian Federation.
Yulia Andreyeva completed postgraduate studies in the Russian Academy of Justice, her scientific focus was on civil and commercial procedural law. She has a diploma with honours of the Institute of Legal Science of the Moscow State Legal Academy named after O. E. Kutafin, also has an English language translator/interpreter diploma in the area of professional communication.
Under the leadership of Yulia Andreyeva the private practice of S&K Vertical was numerously recognized as one of the best in Russia by the–300 rating. It was also recommended by the Chambers, Legal500 and IFLR1000 international ratings in the “Private Clients” and “M&A” categories. In 2020, the project managed by Yulia Andreyeva was recognized the most significant Pro Bono project of the year, getting high appraisal of the professional community and experts of the rating. In 2021, Yulia Andreyeva was included in the individual rating in the area of family and inheritance law and private capital management. Yulia is annually taking leading positions in the Kommersant individual rating in the “Arts and Cultural Activity Law” category.

Project experience

  • Performance of Legal Check-Up for Principals. Using the information given in the completed detailed questionnaire the lawyers perform due diligence covering all spheres of the Client’s life and provide an opinion on possible risks relating, in particular, to movable and immovable property owned; occurrence of a hereditary event; tax implications of the current structure of asset ownership; exercise of the Client’s intellectual property rights. Based on the risks revealed, recommendations on risk mitigation are issued.
  • Full-service support of the Principal in the divorce proceedings. Preparation of the legal opinion together with the legal counsels based in Cyprus and UK on dissolution of marriage and division of property in several jurisdictions, developing the strategy for protection of the Principal’s interests, property analysis and risk assessment for the project implementation in each jurisdiction.
  • Support with regard to migration issues taking into account various sanction restrictions against the Russian Federation, with the view of providing the Principal with freedom of movement in spite of sanctions. Structuring of the Client’s business with the view of protection against sanctions targeting the Russian Federation, with the Client’s retaining leverage on the business.
  • Protection of interests of the widow of the prominent businessman in seven inheritance disputes involving other heirs. As well as in the disputes concerning protection of inheritance rights of minor children of the Principal.
  • Full-service legal support of the Client’s controlled foreign companies (CFC) holding the Client’s high-value assets in the framework of their current activities.
  • Advising on taxation of individuals, tax structuring of transactions, performance of tax due diligence, representation of the Principal before tax authorities on a regular basis with regard to all arising issues.
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