Head of Projects, Attorney at Law

Anastasiya Gurina

Specializes in private clients, family law, art transactions, intellectual property, civil law, charity and NGOs.

Anastasiya Gurina's projects have been recognised by Russian ratings (

Anastasiya Gurina is a project manager in the private client practice and a specialist in family law, inheritance law, copyright and intellectual property. Her practical interests include coordinating litigation in various foreign jurisdictions, implementing complex projects for the recovery of compensation for moral damages, resolving complex family law issues, handling real estate transactions and structuring assets, including in the field of art.

Anastasia has experience of providing legal assistance to non-profit organisations, both in support of their ongoing activities and in various creative projects 

Anastasiya graduated with honours with Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the Moscow State Law University named after O.Ye. Kutafin.

Project experience:

  • Preparation of a legal opinion on the intended use of the land plot and the cultural heritage monument located on it for restaurant activities and leasing of the property with an assessment of possible risks;
  • Legal support for the purchase and sale of more than 20 non-residential premises, a land plot, and a share in the ownership of a car park, using multiple payment methods;
  • Representing a сlient (including in foreign jurisdictions) in the settlement of family property disputes in divorce cases worth over RUB 1.7bn;
  • Legal support for the split of multi-million matrimonial assets complicated by foreign credit and shares in companies;
  • Preparation of a legal opinion describing the family law risks for the owner of one of Russia's largest holdings (consisting of over 150 companies) and development of mechanisms to minimise or eliminate them.
  • Legal support for the foundation's activities assisting people with autism: implementation of employment programmes for people with disabilities, design and support of all productions and musicals performed by the foundation and its mentees with an autism spectrum disorder together with professional actors; support for charitable grants; support for the foundation's governing bodies; drafting contracts; interaction with state authorities; pre-trial dispute resolution,
  • Development of a customised management structure for a collection of several thousand museum objects through a group of companies.
  • Legal support for 23 cases seeking moral damages in favour of parents whose children with cancer were infected with hepatitis C in a hospital in Blagovesсhensk
  • Preparing a comprehensive opinion on all areas of the client's business in order to identify possible inheritance, administrative, tax and litigation risks and develop ways to minimise them.
  • Legal support for the creative work of a Russian writer, including support for contracts for productions based on his works, and for the recording of podcasts and the writer's speaking engagements at conferences.
  • Defending a family in a case to recover compensation for moral damages from a medical institution for the death of a newborn baby due to a birth injury inflicted by medical staff.
  • Development of a management structure for a non-profit organisation - cultural centre, taking into account its activities, risks of recognition as a foreign agent, tax optimisation, as well as the assumed sources of funding for its activities.
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