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Since 2015 S&K Vertical Attorneys at Law and Pravo.ru have been implementing a joint project which over the years has become our hallmark in the legal community. This is an annual study of the most notable corporate disputes that have significantly affected the business environment and law-enforcement practice, as well as resonated in the mass media.

Each year we choose a particular angle of the study responding to the trends we have observed in the market. So, for example, in 2019 the experts reviewed the 10 most interesting bankruptcy cases, and in 2020 they reviewed private client cases. In 2021 the focus was on corporate conflicts complicated by the criminal prosecution element, and in 2023 we made a podcast on the 13 most significant corporate disputes with a family-and-inheritance element.

The researchers are the attorneys of S&K Vertical attorneys under the direction of Alyona Bachinskaya, the partner of the corporate practice. And the unique visual presentation of the content is the merit of our colleagues from Pravo.ru.

Below you will find a retrospective review of all our special projects on corporate disputes, each of which is undoubtedly worthy of attention.

The Partners of S&K Vertical Alena Bachinskaya, Julia Andreeva and the Editor-in-Chief of Pravo.ru Svetlana Merkulova, tell about the most interesting corporate conflicts in recent years with hereditary element.

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Corporations... Big money, big people and money again. Those who didn't know how to do business went extinct and soon no one remembered them. But there were those who fought against piles of paper. Some were knocked down by well-aimed signatures, some by forged ones. Corporate disputes with pen in hand. We'll tell it all step by step.

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Loans, divorces, children, inheritance - these are the matters that lawyers with the appropriate specialization have to deal with. The selection includes the most significant 2020 cases which influenced the legal practice. For example, the Supreme Court paid much attention to the question of whether children can "inherit" subsidiary liability. Also in the selection are issues of converting a foreign currency loan into a rouble loan, changing the surname of children after divorce, and much more.

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When businesses go down, corporate conflicts only escalate. We looked at them through the lens of bankruptcy law, because that's where court practice is most dynamic. Subsidiary liability of directors, claims of affiliated parties, interim measures and much more in a joint special project of Pravo.ru and S&K Vertical Attorneys at Law.

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  • The company disappeared, the debt remained: will the director be responsible for the losses of the shareholder?
  • Can the dilution of pledged shares be challenged under bankruptcy rules?
  • Someone else's business: can third parties return a company to its founders?
  • What happens to the shareholding in an LLC on liquidation of the owner of such shareholding?
  • Half-year or three years: how long does it take to regain control over a business?

Answers to these and other questions in the ten most interesting cases of 2017 on the page of the special project

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Corporate law reform continued in 2016: it underwent several more changes. Including regulation of major transactions, related-party transactions, and transactions with shareholdings. Many traditional corporate procedures have changed. A number of corporate disputes could now be submitted to arbitration.

The year 2016 was marked by a number of high-profile disputes in the corporate sector. Read more about each of them on the special project page.

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In 2015, extensive corporate law reform continued, but the economic crisis had an even greater impact on court practice. Companies began filing more lawsuits to recover damages from management, the number of disputes over entitlement to shareholdings increased, and asset withdrawal transactions became more frequently challenged. The Board for Economic Disputes of the Supreme Court also influenced the court practice by formulating precedent-setting positions on several corporate cases. S&K Vertical and Pravo.ru provide an overview of the most important cases of the year. The overview includes a narrative of the court disputes around the most expensive assets.

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