Debt Collection

S&K Vertical Attorneys at Law have always had a large number of debt collection cases arising out of trade and investment relations, loan agreements, foreclosure, claims to guarantors, enforcement issues. The Firm successfully handles recovery of real damage and loss of profit, arising out of influction of harm and unjust enrichment. A significant part of the Firm’s debt collection cases relates to the disputes from foreign economic activity.
The Firm’s debt collection projects have been repeatedly noted by Russian and international rankings (Legal500, IFLR1000 and Pravo.Ru-300). The partners of the S&K Vertical are recognized as the best lawyers in the field of debt collection (Kommersant, 2018-2021). According to The Kommersant, the Firm’s projects in the “Banks, Finance and Insurance” category are in the top-5 in the market (2017-2021).

Project experience

  • representation of the Russian bank (top-10) in litigation over the recovery of credit debts, foreclosure, claims to guarantors in all districts of Russia, as well as in the bankruptcy of debtors, the debt exceeds USD 200 million;
  • representation of the foreign bank’s subsidiary bank in litigation for collection of credit debts, foreclosure, claims to guarantors, investment projects in more than 100 cases, as well as bankruptcy procedures, the debt exceeds USD 1 billion;
  • representation of a large trader in a dispute with Russian banks (top-10) with respect to recovery of the losses caused by illegal execution of a letter of credit as a result of the theft, the amount of claims exceeds 150 million rubles;
  • representation of the Russian retailer in the dispute with the telecommunications company in connection with the violation of the rights to the trademark and collection of debt for the payment of agency fees and penalties, the amount of claims is 77,6 billion rubles;
  • representation of the largest import-export agencies of Asia in disputes with debtors as to collecting debts to the Asian suppliers, the amount of debts exceeding USD 30 million;
  • representation of a large Russian construction network in a dispute with Chinese suppliers for the recovery of damages, recognition and enforcement of a judgment in China;
  • representation of the debtors, pledgors and guarantors in disputes with banks and creditors, including the clams in respect of foreign assets, the amount of claims exceeds USD 80 million;
  • representation of the largest heat and power company in Russia in respect of the disputes with debtors based on subscriber agreements, the amount of claims exceeds 100 million rubles;
  • representation of a subsidiary bank of a foreign financial group in the matter of recovery from a member of the Federation Council (senator) as a guarantor in respect of the debts of a large agro-industrial holding;
  • representation of the bank (top-20) in a dispute as to the recovery of debts and foreclosure on the subject of a pledge with a foreign defendant, the amount of claims exceeds 1 billion rubles.
  • representation of a bank (top-20 of Russian banks per amount of net assets) in a dispute of debt collection on the basis of the banking guarantee, the amount of claims exceeds 547 mln rubles.
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