Protection of Business / Criminal Law Practice

Criminal law risks are the most sensitive for business and its management, especially in Russia, where the law enforcement bodies are traditionally active in counteracting the business people. It follows from the practice that the law enforcement bodies in the course of pre-investigation checks and criminal law proceedings can so strongly influence business that this may lead to a complete loss of customers and share in the market and of assets. Most often criminal law risks arise from controlling bodies and regulators, in corporate conflicts, in the course of economic disputes, in bankruptcy and debt recovery, during the work with budget funds and state contracts, as well as may be produced by unscrupulous top management and employees.
S&K Vertical’s lawyers have an impressive experience of defending their Clients at all stages of the proceedings related to economic crimes. The criminal law practice of the Firm has repeatedly been recognized as one of the best in Russia (according to and top-5 white collar crime practices according to The Kommersant, 2018-2021. The head of the practice is recognized as the leading lawyer in the sphere of criminal law (The Kommersant, 2017-2021).

Professional experience

  • Defense of the CEO of one of the major industrial companies in Russia in a criminal case on abuse of office during fulfillment of the state defense order;
  • Evaluation of criminal law risks in a corporate conflict and elaboration of defense and protection from the viewpoint of criminal law for the client;
  • protection of the victim, the shareholder of the publishing house, in a criminal case regarding fraud with the property of the publishing house;
  • protection of the victim, an aluminum trader, in a criminal case on regarding embezzlement of funds from a bank account;
  • protection of the victim, the shareholder of a bank, in a criminal case regarding the theft of shares;
  • defense of the accused, the owner of an oil company, on charges of embezzlement of funds from the state bank;
  • defense of the accused, a regional official, on charges of fraud with budget funds, arbitrariness and extortion;
  • defense of the accused, the head of a telecommunications company, on charges of embezzlement of budget funds;
  • defense of the accused, the head of an utility company, on charges of abuse of office and theft of funds;
  • defense of the suspect, the head of an oil refinery, on charges of illegal business and embezzlement;
  • legal assistance to the shareholders of an Internet company in a criminal case instituted in the territory of a European state, on charges of money laundering; interaction with local lawyers.
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