Legal check-up

A check-up is a common service in the field of medicine, however, it represents a new and unique program on the market of legal services, which appeared as a response to personal needs of businessmen and company managers. The main task of legal check-ups is to identify areas of risk (in terms of legal health) in private assets and personal affairs of clients in order to take timely measures to mitigate those risks.

Learn more about legal check-ups and what effect they produce in the article by Forbes.

Юлия Андреева
Yulia Andreyeva
Partner of the Private Clients Practice, Attorney at Law
«We realised a great demand for a new legal service. In many ways it was affected by the pandemic and lockdowns; businessmen and top managers were left alone with their personal affairs and started sorting out documents, setting order and solving problems which had not been solved for a long time. An important aspect is also that the society has basically become "more mature", it is reaching a new level of awareness. People more often begin to think about their health, visit psychotherapists, and there are enough examples in which it is better to prevent negative situations than to deal with the consequences, if at all possible»
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